About the Webmaster
hi again! i'm thistle (they/them), and this is my personal website. i'm a queer, neurodivergent gen-z'r who was raised by the internet.

i made this website because i want to plant myself somewhere online where i feel free to express myself and have fun. i can't remember how, but i ended up finding out about the yesterweb project and reading manifestos by netizens just as frustrated by the corporatization of the internet as i am, and that inspired me to build my own website. i think i'm an optimist at heart, even if protected by a shell of cynicism. i really want the world to get better, and i want to put my energy towards shit that i think will help that happen.

but yeah, anyway, there's a lot more i could write here, but i won't sweat it since my biggest goal for this website is to eventually start posting blog entries. so if you're interested in that sort of thing, bookmark this website!